A Few Good Places To Sell Online For Free

A Few Good Places To Sell Online For Free

If you use Google to do some research, you will notice that there are many online marketplaces that are advertised as free, but they are actually paid marketplaces. Many of these websites will ask for an upfront payment for the listing fees. On the other hand, some of them will allow you to list products for free, but they will ask for a certain fee once the product is sold. The good news is that there are marketplaces where you can actually sell online for free. This means that they won’t ask for any fees and you can get the whole sum for your products.


First of all, we have Inselly, a platform that relies on your Instagram photos to generate listings. This platform has an attractive design and has a few features that can help both sellers and buyers. Even though the main accent is placed on fashion and art, you can list other products too. There is room for improvement, but Inselly definitely deserves a chance.


Here’s a marketplace with a straightforward name. Offeritem represents a marketplace that has that classic look that we were used seeing in the late 1990s and early 2000s. So, you can’t expect to look at some fancy design, but this marketplace allows you to sell online for free. In addition, this platform has all the necessary features and options like basic storefronts, categories, importing listings from eBay and from .csv files and more.


Even though BriskSale is a relatively new marketplace, it has grabbed the attention of many sellers. Just like most of the marketplaces in this article, it provides the standard options and features found in the popular marketplace and using it is completely free. In other words, there are no fees involved. It’s good to point out that you can share a few photos of the item you are trying to sell, use a YouTube video, provide different sizes and colors of your product or even create a store for your products.


Blujay is yet another completely free marketplace for all the sellers out there. Everything is kept as simple as possible on this marketplace which means that even beginners in this field can start selling right away. The only downside is that this marketplace is not very active which means that you will have problems finding buyers.


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